Advice & Guidance
West Hill School has held the Inspiring IAG Gold Award since 2011 and was successfully reassessed in 2015.  

The aims of the award are summarised here.

  • All pupils have 10 lessons per year to explore their own career options.
  • In Year 8 pupils explore Manchester City as a business by working with members of the community team.  
  • They also learn about the voluntary sector through our links with Willow Wood hospice.
  • In Year 9 the focus is on the Pathways programme, this includes an evening for parents.  
  • In Year 9 or 10 a group of pupils interested in financial careers spend time with Barclays Bank in Manchester, this includes a branch takeover.  
  • In Year 10 all pupils have the opportunity to take part in two weeks of work experience, they can find their own placements or select from a range provided by school.  
  • Also during Year 10 and/or 11 we invite parents to our Apprenticeships fair, post-16 evening, inspirational evening and ‘Next-steps’ where parents and pupils have the opportunity of meeting employers, past pupils and university representatives.

The guidance for our Year 9 boys and their Parents & Carers, about the KS4 Pathways Programme at West Hill School can be found on our KS4 Pathways page.

Details of the curriculum topics can be found on our IDP page.