The primary aim of the governors and the staff, is to provide a happy and disciplined working environment within which every pupil is encouraged to achieve his full academic, social, moral, spiritual and physical potential.

The school's ethos of Aim High helps pupils to raise their aspirations and develop a determination to achieve them. Pupils' attitudes and behaviour are a key strength. We value every individual and are committed to preparing young people for life beyond school encouraging independence of thought, respect for others, creativity and a will to succeed. We hope your family will embrace West Hill's ethos and your son will become part of our success story.

Our ethos can be summed up in comments made to Ofsted by Parents and Carers. One parent commented:

"West Hill makes sure the children in their care are safe, happy and interested in life' "Another Commented" 'the school encourages boys to achieve good results not only in exams but in extended studies and personal development'. This ethos creates an atmosphere where students feel safe and happy. They enjoy coming to school and attendance is high"

Ofsted report.