We have now completed the first full week back this term with all year groups on site.  The atmosphere around school has been especially positive and the boys continue to demonstrate the responsibility we expect from them.   Following new systems can always be a challenge, but the boys are contributing to help protect us all.

One of our primary intentions has been to maintain the full curriculum offer to all boys and we have been able to achieve that.  There have had to be some adjustments, in terms of restrictions around some practical activities, but we are doing all we can to avoid diluting the quality of education, the boys deserve.

West Hill School has a justified reputation for our outstanding extra curricula provision, and again it is an area that our staff are committed to maintain.  From next Monday we are going to roll out some of our sporting activities from 3.00pm each day.  These will be for single year group bubbles in the first instance, with the intention to expand the offer further as soon as we can.

Usually at this time of year we would be starting the preparations for our Moving on Evening.   This is when Y6 families considering West Hill for their son, would visit school to see our facilities, but also and more importantly, be able to appreciate the relationships in evidence between staff and our boys.  This year, our usual arrangements are not viable and we have had to make adjustments including, producing a presentation to enable remote viewing of school. We have been completing some filming this week, to form part of the video to be launched on September 24th.  We are hoping this will be able to capture a flavour of what West Hill is about and also be of interest to our wider West Hill community beyond the Y7 intake of 2021.

So whilst this year is different in so many ways to years past, we are doing all we can to ensure the familiar rhythms that our boys depend on can be maintained, and the care for our boys will not be diminished.

Mr Owens

Posted by Mr Owens on 11 September 2020

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