2 October 2020

One thing that has been missing from school since we returned in September, has been the sound of musical melodies as a backdrop after the regular school day has ended.  The restrictions we have been operating under, led us to curtail any extra curricula activities in the opening few weeks.  However following the successful launch of our sport activities, I am pleased to share that as of Monday, we will be reintroducing music as a further extension of our extra curricula offer.

Our Music provision is extensive; including the Jazz Orchestra, Brass Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Collective, Vocal Ensemble and Junior Boys Choir, in addition to the many rock and pop bands that rehearse after school.  Individual music tuition is also being re-established, albeit using platforms to facilitate remote engagement with our network of external music teachers.

Our West Hill musicians feature far and wide throughout the calendar, and are truly part of the fabric of many events and concerts across the local community.  The highly regarded reputation West Hill has earned is not an accident.  The tradition is one element, but the quality requires commitment, dedication and plenty of practice to achieve the high standards for which we are renowned. 

Our passionate and enthusiastic Music department, have been so keen to reopen the extra curricula opportunities for our boys. Having completed all the required preparations to ensure this can be done safely, they are now ready to go.  So our “Bubble Bands” will be hitting all the right notes from Monday, and another traditional rhythm of the West Hill day will be restored.

This week we held the first Board of Trustees meeting for this academic year.  The purpose of the Trust Board is to help the school provide the best possible education for our boys.  There are meetings scheduled throughout the school year that ensure there is full coverage of every element of school life.  The trustees come from a range of professional backgrounds and with a range of contrasting skill sets. What is invaluable though is we have a core of trustees who's own sons attend, bringing that vital family investment that is so integral to what West Hill is about.

This does involve placing the leadership of the school under some scrutiny.  The challenge the trustees provide is however a healthy one.  The trustees monitor and evaluate all aspects of the school operation, and bring an analysis from their own perspectives to ensure an appropriate level of accountability is maintained.  This approach genuinely does work in tandem with the staff within school, there is a mutual respect as well as a shared direction.  This relationship is a major contribution towards achieving the ambitious vision we have for our boys.

Mr Owens

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