One of the critical component parts of West Hill and its success, are our wider support team.  Strictly speaking they are not directly involved in teaching the boys, but their contribution is as important. They help ensure the boys' experience, as well as all other stakeholders, is as positive as possible.

Our front office staff are those that most families, as well as other members of the public, have the first contacts with.  But their roles are so much more than simply answering phones, as they do such a range of tasks to keep the school ticking over in as an efficient manner as they can.  In addition we have a number of back office staff that help process much of the administration work required to run a school. Their roles have had to change and be particularly responsive in dealing with some of the fast moving challenges we had had to face recently. 

We have a dedicated team taking care of our site maintenance.  The pressures on our cleaners has increased significantly since March, in terms of the added dimensions of the covid situation.  However they continue to prove up to the challenge with commitment and dedication.  Similarly Mr Sinclair, who ensures all things are working properly, and when needing to fix them he will entertain any nearby with a medley from his crooning repertoire.

Our catering team, who have needed to adapt more than most in regards keeping the boys, as well as staff, fed and watered are another vital component of school life. The current arrangements have seen the service restricted to a lunch delivery one. In normal times; from the early morning breakfast service, through break and then lunches, our canteen is a hive of activity.  The staff strive to provide a range of dishes to cater for most tastes.  They also keep an eye on our boys, and are there as an additional dimension of our wider support.

All these individuals make a vital contribution in helping provide the safe environment for us all.  Their contribution may not be appreciated by some outside of school, but is  recognised by us all in school, and they are very much part of what West Hill is about.  In fact we would not be the school we are, without their dedication and professionalism in helping us all be the best we can be.

Looking ahead to next week and school will close on Thursday 19th, meaning we will all have an extended weekend.


Mr Owens

Posted by Mr Owens on 13 November 2020

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