4 December 2020

Last night we had our first full parents consultation with our Y11 families.  Traditionally this would be a succession of face to face meetings as parents circulated around different teachers, discussing the progress their son had made and more critically what was needed to improve his outcomes.  As in so many other areas we have had to adapt, and we were able to have a successful remote system in place which enabled parents to still have a full set of appointments, but these were via a video link, from homes into school.

Miss Mayall did a magnificent job in school setting this all up, and it maintained that commitment we have made to maintain as best we can the routines of school life where we can.  We are especially conscious of the uncertainties for our current Y11 in terms their final examination assessments.  In many respects we in school get to hear any information at the same time as everybody else.  Yesterday there was an announcement that there would be changes for the Y11 cohort in regards the summer examination process – but we will not know until January exactly what that means for our boys, as well as our staff in best preparing them.  There are well documented reports of how this particular region has been more adversely impacted by youngsters having their on-site education disrupted.  Even within school, some boys have had to self-isolate more than others. I can only hope, this will be recognised by those making decisions so as to not make the system even more unfair this summer.  Rest assured, we will do all we can to ensure the interests of our boys are protected and they have the opportunity to achieve the best outcomes they can.

In addition our KS3 families will soon be receiving reports on their sons’ progress this term.  We have adapted our reporting system with the boys’ grouped to reflect their different starting points.  Whilst this is new, the titles we have used for each pupil profile are a nod to our tradition and mirror the house system that used to be in place at West Hill.  The houses being; Milton, Chaucer, Scott and Spenser.  Many of our old boys will recall the house they were in as well as the rivalries between each, it also a reminder to our current boys of the history they are now part of. 

Finally a reminder of our Food bank appeal and appreciation of the donations already received https://www.westhillschool.co.uk/news/2020-11-30-west-hill-school-food-bank-appeal 

Mr Owens

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