Last Friday saw the first slush fall of the academic year.  The weather can often prove a challenge for us at West Hill as the layout of the site, as well as the lack of outdoor cover, means the boys are exposed to the elements in a way pupils in many other schools are not.

The rain is often a feature that can make breaks and lunches less than pleasant.  We are prepared for the more serious inconveniences that heavy snow can present, and our snow plan aims to address the impact that can have on maintaining a safe environment for our boys and staff.  Our snow plan arrangements are in place to address potential problems in advance, but the reality is this will be a dynamic response linked to the conditions on site as well as the surrounding areas.  One simple rule we do have is that there is to be “no snowballing”- this not only applies to the school site but also the environs nearby.  It is helpful if families can reinforce this message, as what can appear to boys to be innocent fun, unfortunately can lead to accidents especially near vehicles and our message is the fun can be had but when the boys are at home.

You will have heard of the governments suggestion that next Friday be taken as an INSET day and schools make up the lost day in 2021.  We will not be doing so, partly because our staff training schedule is well planned in advance, and we do not regard such days  as an opportunity to give staff an "early break" as the days themselves are intense and not a soft option.   Two of our staff are leaving next week, Mrs Weeden and Mr Wick finish with us after over 20 years’ service between them and we wish them well for the future.    

To brighten some of the gloom, our music department are still trying to maintain their profile, and are part way through their updates of 12 musical days of Christmas featuring performances from groups past and present.  They are well worth a follow on twitter @WestHillMuse to lift spirits.

Mr Owens

Posted by Mr Owens on 11 December 2020

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