Well 2021 started as 2020 finished in many respects, receiving late and changing Government announcements, endeavouring to communicate the impact of these to our staff, boys and families.   It has been especially busy this week, despite the lazy media headlines that schools are closed.  The commitment from all our staff since the New Year has been phenomenal.  All staff have been on site every day, not only caring for the boys from vulnerable and key worker families who are being educated on site, but in addition overseeing the remote learning of all other boys who are currently based at home.  

In addition, we are preparing to set up a mass testing programme for staff and boys on site from scratch which has simply been added to all the existing expectations placed on school - nothing has been removed.  Today was an extra early start for our key site staff, working to ensure the access to site was safe for all, with the snow and conditions potentially worsening,  adding to the challenge of keeping the school open.

The consolation in all this has been the continued support from our wider community.  The messages received in school from appreciative boys and their families have proven to be real boosters in this last week, when morale may have been dipping.

It has been said you learn most about people when circumstances are difficult, I have learnt plenty about the calibre of staff we have here at West Hill in the past, this last week or so has made me even prouder of the selfless commitment being shown by our staff in order to do the best for our boys.

Mr Owens

Posted by Mr Owens on 8 January 2021

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