This week really has seen the most significant impact to date, of COVID on the school population.  School has remained open, but there has been a significant increase in positive cases as well as close contacts requiring self-isolation, affecting both boys and staff attendance.   This inevitably increases the pressures on those staff having to supervise boys on site, as well as trying to fulfil the blended learning and pastoral contact commitments we have, for the boys at home.

That said we have successfully rolled out our one to one pupil calls to most year groups.  These aim to ensure our form tutors maintain regular contact with the boys, addressing the myriad of differing issues that emerge in such times.   All our boys are accessing the curriculum through our Blended Learning approach. The main platform for the delivery of learning resources remains the VLE, which provides a wealth of content in all subject areas. Such resources allow all our boys to access a set of carefully sequenced lessons that they would typically access in our “normal” classrooms. Additionally, boys will be participating in Microsoft Teams sessions where teachers will provide; whole class feedback, teacher explanation and will signpost the work to be completed the following week.

We believe, and research suggests, that our blended approach is one that best suits our learners here at West Hill School now, and moving forward. We also recognise the importance of our boys having time away from the screen. Our package also builds in time for reading and encourages exercise, as we recognise health and well-being is equally important.  This all requires significant investment, in time and other resources.  We believe it is important that we get this right, and build something that is sustainable.  The support for parents in order to help support their sons is also vital in developing the partnerships we need to succeed, as we are more than aware of the challenges families are facing with the competing pressures within households. 

This approach will benefit all our boys, as we all recognise that this current situation will continue for some time, but will end eventually, our blended curriculum is something we believe will be a cornerstone of what we do long into the future.

Mr Owens

Posted by Mr Owens on 15 January 2021

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