Another week, not quite as challenging as the last in terms of Covid cases, but even more hectic in many other respects.  We also had some additional snow fall, just to keep us on our toes.  Staff continue to care for our boys on site, whilst at the same time delivering on our blended learning commitment.

Form Tutors continue to meet remotely with the boys in their form, for one to one pastoral support. Subject teachers are having Teams meetings with the boys in their classes, to review work set and address common concerns, providing feedback and signposting key learning points for the following week.  Boys are completing tasks and submitting them to be assessed, staff are still marking work and feeding it back albeit remotely.  The expectations on boys in terms of our 3Rs, is as integral as ever.

We are learning and developing our provision as we roll this out for all year groups.  Such an undertaking also requires significant technology infrastructure and support.  Our in house team have been working tirelessly to ensure that the increasing demands being generated can be met.  We have been able to issue over 100 further devices to families, so as to help them access our learning resources from home.

We continue to maintain the events we have scheduled, where possible, in order to maintain the usual rhythms of the school year. Next week we will host another parent’s consultation, this time for Y9.  It is also start of our KS4 Curriculum Pathways programme for Y9, which is now adapted to be delivered remotely, underpinned by our outstanding IAG provision.

Next week we also have a Trustees meeting, which will again be conducted remotely. The support and backing, as well as the challenge from our board, continues regardless of the adjustments we are making in terms of our daily operations.

One of the messages we give our boys is that they should not be afraid to try new things because they may get it wrong.  We only ask they ensure they learn, improve and do better next time. We, as a school, in terms of what we do apply that to ourselves.  We have not got everything right first time, but we are determined to improve on what we have done and build the best learning experience for our boys that we can.

Mr Owens

Posted by Mr Owens on 22 January 2021

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