One of the conversation points across the media in recent weeks, has been the challenge parents and carers are facing in striving to support their children learning at home. We are fully aware of the difficulties and have been trying to reassure and support families in their own efforts to navigate through what can appear to be quite complex pathways.  We have emphasised to families that they shouldn't be too hard on themselves,if they are experiencing challenges, as we are here to offer reassurance and support as best we can.  There can be several routes to take in order to get where we need to be, and the journey is part of that learning process.

Our guidance including support for families is linked on our website Blended learning.

Not only is the notion of using a VLE a departure for families from what many of them would be familiar with, but also the content and skills our boys are learning is likely to be different in comparison to their own school experiences.  In fact, the last few months has been a significant change for everyone from anything that has gone before.    Add in the wider uncertainties surrounding when schools will fully reopen, and when or how the current lockdown may be eased, it is hardly surprising that families may be experiencing tensions and frustrations. 

What we must all recognise is that innovation can lead to teething problems in how we adapt, but it is how we respond that matters, more importantly ensuring we learn and get better.  Against that background, it has again been a positive that we have received so many messages of appreciation from families as we endeavour to work together through this current challenge.

We have been emphasising the need for boys to meet deadlines for work submission, and the importance of keeping to routines in regards their academic learning but also build in times to be away from a computer screen, take exercise, touch base with friends, and especially read for pleasure.

Our approach from the outset has been to try and retain the structures we have in place in terms of academic routines, as well as pastoral support.  We have also been listening to the responses from families and boys as to what they think works well, but also how we can improve on what we have done so far.  There will be some further adjustments rolling out over the next few days, and in future weeks, as we retain that desire to do the best we can, in all that we do.

Mr Owens

Posted by Mr Owens on 29 January 2021

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