One of the best pieces of news we have received in a long time is the Government’s announcement regarding the full reopening of schools. We will therefore be welcoming back all our boys from Monday March 8th.   Prior to that date, we will be providing Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs) to the majority of our boys, and as long as they have a negative result, they will be back on site the following Monday. There is a requirement for boys to have 2 additional LFTs on site, before then being able to administer them at home.  To arrange the testing regime has been a major undertaking, not least the logistics, and the changing decisions from government has not always been helpful. However thanks to the calm and detailed work by Mrs Hemmings in recruiting and training a team of staff to administer these, I am confident we will get through this and have a return to reasonable normality- which is long overdue.

That said there is an additional challenge being introduced in regards the wearing of masks.  Up until now, whilst boys have been wearing them when moving between lessons,  they have not been required to be worn in classrooms, but following guidance from Public Health officials, our boys will need to keep wearing them in most lessons.  This will require further adjustments to how staff and boys operate, but based on our experiences to date, they will make this work. 

It has also been confirmed that there will not be any Y11 examinations this summer, and teachers will be the main decision makers in regards grades to be awarded.  There are still details to be confirmed, but it will not mean too many changes for our eldest boys, as they will be working as hard as ever.   They will still need to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have, but this will be to their subject teachers only, rather than to an external examiner.

This term has been a real challenge for us all, we still have to negotiate through some difficulties, but the thought that we will have all our boys back on site in the near future, is a real boost to all associated with West Hill.

Mr Owens

Posted by Mr Owens on 26 February 2021

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