28 May 2021

Today marks the end of half term and also saw the final day of timetabled lessons for our Year 11.  They had a leavers assembly delivered via untraditional means to form rooms, but it contained the traditional messages, reflections, as well as awards associated with this day.  The Class of 2021 have certainly experienced the most challenging year of any leavers group in recent generations.  A significant level of uncertainty has been a feature of their final 18 months at West Hill.  Changes to routines, as well as needing to manage a learning experience both on and off site, has certainly presented a background never experienced before. 

Many of the events that would be a part of the life experiences of many 15-16 year old boys have been adjusted, if not missed completely.  The boys have been guided through these times by their Head of Year, Mrs Barton who has provided dedicated support and guidance throughout their time, and it was evident this was appreciated by the boys.

The Head Boy and his team of prefects, have also provided support and leadership, grappling with limitations unheard of in any prefect training, but delivered with commitment and still upholding the values of the school.

 The families of the boys have also shared the anxieties this last year, and in particular the uncertainties around GCSE assessments and progression.  I feel confident though, that the collaboration and commitment to their work from the boys, especially in recent weeks, will provide each boy with the platform to progress onto the pathway his endeavours merit.  They arrived at West Hill as young boys, they have grown, developed and leave as young men.

For those that have not seen this yet, 22- Manchester Rainbow, I would recommend spending time listening to this song released last weekend.  The inspiration and driving force was one of this Y11 group, but involved other West Hill boys past and present.  It reflects the talent and hard work we promote.  Leadership, teamwork and a contribution to the wider community are encapsulated.  Within the sense of loss and despair, there is also a glimmer of hope, and the chance to emerge and grow, be better and Aim High.

Mr Owens


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