11 June 2021

The return following the half term break has seen the reintroduction of face coverings in lesson times.  This has felt like a step backwards in some respects, but the boys, as ever, have understood the requirements and their contribution in terms of wider community responsibility.

The sunshine has by contrast provided a lift, and this was evident during the week as boys were able to sample iced lollies, supplied by the Sri Lankan 2022 Cricket Tour party as part of their fundraising efforts.  (Mr) Rothwell’s Rockets really did hit the spot.

Walking round the school site during the summer months does provided a contrasting seasonal backdrop, with the sounds of cricket and athletics played out on the fields, engendering a feel good factor.  Whilst this may encourage a more relaxed atmosphere, the commitment from staff and boys to working hard in lesson times is maintained.  In addition the desire to play hard, particularly in sports, is again at the forefront. 

I have picked up on this amongst the boys, as many of them engage in operating within the current restrictions, whilst striving to take advantage of the lighter evenings, especially at weekends.  It is good to hear of the plans boys make to meet up together outside of school to continue to build, and in many ways cement, their friendships.  Whilst not exclusively, many boys do participate in sport or outdoor pursuits, and this has been a feature of West Hill School through the generations.  Whether representing school formally, or transferring their school friendships to external groups, boys take their school day experiences and extend these to evenings and weekends, and for many long after they leave West Hill School.  A group was talking today about their weekend plans, incorporating some time together walking on the hills, having some competition between themselves,  before sharing in some Euro football TV watching.  The excitement was palpable, as their boyish enthusiasm and anticipation for their weekend adventure ahead of them played out.  This was magnified as they were West Hill boys together, this community spirit remains a key element of what West Hill is about.

Mr Owens

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