16 July 2021

Today is the final day, in what has been a somewhat unique year at school.  As ever there is an element of fatigue combined with excitement as we all anticipate a break, but it also prompts a time for reflection.  Nobody should underestimate the challenges the school has faced, and whilst there have been times of frustration and real tests of our ability to deal with new demands; the commitment from every member of staff towards the boys has been of the highest order.  Not only the teaching and learning in the classroom (as well as remotely), but also the extra curricula, the wider pastoral support, all our support staff underpinning all the other functions of the school, everyone plays a key role in what we are about.   They all deserve a break from what has at times been, a relentless year of adjusting and responding to last minute changes of policy from external bodies. 

The boys themselves have been at the forefront of dealing with all sorts of disruptions, their fortitude and resilience has illustrated a strength of character that some from older generations would do well to adopt.  I do believe many will emerge, as stronger individuals as a consequence of their experiences, something that augurs well for the future. 

I must also acknowledge the contribution from parents and carers.  The uncertainties that have been ever present this last year, have been a particular challenge.  The patience with us at times, alongside the cooperation we have received to address matters often with very little notice, has ensured we have got through this year. This backing has reinforced the cornerstone of mutual support, that will help our boys achieve success in the future. 

Things haven’t always gone as smoothly as we will have wanted. There have been disagreements and disappointments between people, which mirrors the reality of family life.  In the West Hill family, we have mourned those we have lost along the way this year.  Against that we have welcomed new arrivals to the family and shared in the success’s family members have enjoyed. 

I started this logbook back in September, with little idea on how the journey ahead would play out. Against the occasions this year, when we have perhaps selfishly fixated on what turn out to be trivial matters, we should all take a moment to consider what truly does matter.   

As I close the log book for the last time this year, my final entry allows me to share my observation of the value of what, we at times take for granted.  The shared experiences, the values that bind us in a common purpose that stretch back over generations, that sense of being part of something that is there in good times, but more importantly in times of difficulty, our West Hill family. 

It is what we have, it is what we should cherish and contribute to in the future.  It matters.  We are West Hill.

Mr Owens

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