Our new 3g facility has been a real winner with the boys on their return this term. The artificial turf surface, which replaces the old tennis courts, will enable far more sporting activities to happen on a first class facility. It is part of the ongoing investment programme we have for the school facilities, to provide the best we can for our boys. Not only is it being used during lesson times, but it is also an addition to our lunch time offer to boys, as well as proving to be an added dimension for our extra curricula activities.  Before too long the wider community will also be able to benefit as part of our evening and weekend offer.  This illustrates our commitment to expand the opportunities for all our boys to develop the confidence to engage in sport at a recreational level, as well as the support for those pursuing a journey to the highest levels.

Mr Owens

Posted by Mr Owens on 17 September 2021

Category: Headteacher's Log Book

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