Last night was our scheduled Moving On Open Evening.  It is the occasion that allows prospective families to vest West Hill and get a sense of what we are about to help inform them about choosing a secondary school.   As has been obvious for many weeks now, we had to cancel the on site event given the Covid situation.  Given the rising cases of Covid locally, and even in our school, we have had more positive cases since September, than at any time previously, Our first duty of care is to the safety of our community and nobody should be under illusions that we can consider this situation to be over.  In school we are reminding the boys of their responsibilities as individuals, as well as their collective duties to the community.

That said, we are still able to provide a flavour of school with our video as well as links to information  that families need to know and how they can engage with us.  In many respects it is part of the adjustments all people are having to make. We in school may want to do certain things because we always did them in a particular way, however being innovative and adapting to do things differently is what we are about also.  

If you have yet to see the video click here

Mr Owens

Posted by Mr Owens on 24 September 2021

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