One of the features of school that receives so many plaudits is our extra curricula provision.  No boys are forced to sign up, our belief is that encouragement is a far more powerful motivator to ensure boys truly engage with enthusiasm..   Our take up is significant, our vision is that every boy will participate and so far that is on course to be achieved. There are a vast number of sports practices that take place each evening, with boys improving their skills in team sports, as well as taking advantage of the opportunity to build confidence in individual activities from gym sessions to climbing. In addition our boys have been competing each night this week, as well as into the weekend, with fixtures in rugby, football, badminton as well as cross country, across all year groups. 

Our musicians have been honing their skills with individual tuition as well as band and orchestra slots, and a range of beginner clubs being on offer with brass and saxophone especially popular.  Art club started on Monday, we have chess club as well as a writing club.  I have just witnessed the enthusiasm for number in our Maths puzzle club, with boys wanting to stay in school on a Friday for this,  There are a vast array of other clubs that are seasonal or linked to specific events, all of which contribute to the wealth of opportunities available to our boys..We listen to see are there any other activities they would like to see on offer.

This wouldn't happen if not for the dedication of staff willing to volunteer the time and energy to make this work.  These activities help develop our boys,, not only in the immediate activity skill they are engaged in, but more widely in terms of character. Pupil voice tells us how much the boys value and appreciate what they have .here at West Hill,  our staff are committed to ensure that all our boys can  benefit.

Mr Owens

Posted by Mr Owens on 8 October 2021

Category: Headteacher's Log Book

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