15 October 2021

This coming Thursday will be first formal Parent consultation of the academic year.  This one is for our Y7 families, and the intention is to provide them with an opportunity to speak to their son’s Form Tutor.  The boys will have been with us for 7 weeks, and the focus is to discuss any issues families, may have following the transfer to secondary school, which are overwhelmingly positive.   We have continued with our virtual approach for this event.  The feedback we have had from families has allowed us to adjust some of the arrangements we had in place last year.   The virtual system has proven to be very popular with parents providing a convenience, that whilst not the same as face to face meetings facilitates positive communication.

This is only one dimension of how we share information with parents and carers, and enables the fostering of good relationships between home and school.   At West Hill, a boy’s form tutor will typically remain in that role throughout his time at school, being the daily contact every morning until the boy leaves in Y11.   Many families value this stability, as it establishes a trusted communication link that provides reassurance and continuity.   This pastoral role is key to so many elements of what we are striving to achieve at West Hill, and will remain so as our Y7 families will discover over the years to come.

Mr Owens

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