At the end of this first week back, boys and staff have reengaged enthusiastically with the learning demands.   One example of learning new skills, is an initiative driven by our Head Boy Matthew, who produces weekly videos for our form time.  In these, he helps our boys develop sign language communication, reflecting a wider recognition of how we can all play a role in  removing barriers. It is one example of how our boys contribute to building our inclusive community. 


In addition, this week has seen our extra curricula activities go from strength to strength. We emphasise to the boys that they need to take advantage of the many opportunities they have at West Hill.  Our boys appreciate, that the benefits we can gain from engaging in different activities, enrich our bodies as well as our minds. A variety of new clubs have been introduced to cater for boys interests, one of which will be in full swing tomorrow morning as our growing Parkrun team make their way around Stamford Park.


There have also been some reminders to us all of the importance of not taking some things for granted.  In particular our general good health and well being is not guaranteed.  There will be occasions when our individual circumstances mean we need to rely on others.  That can be via practical or even moral backing.  We try and remind our boys of that, as part of our commitment to each other.  If one of our own ever needs support, we will be there for them.  This week when that reality kicks in and is tested, there is no doubt we are there, and we do look after our own.


Mr Owens

Posted by Mr Owens on 5 November 2021

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