18 March 2022

Next Thursday marks the 95th anniversary of the opening of West Hill School. Our website has a History page, that has some basic information from this time.

There will be activities within school to mark the occasion, and these will be updated via the regular school twitter accounts and website as they happen.  There is now a dedicated twitter account @WestHill1927 to follow as we then move on to the countdown towards our centenary.

The boys, and staff, appreciate they are part of something special here, that has many interconnections across generations.  Old boys continue to make contacts or as in this case a random visit by one who happened to be in the area at the weekend.   In his own words; “… and on walking past the main entrance of the School, I noticed some people on the grounds. Curiosity got the better of me, and I walked up the drive for the first time since 1977!” He added; “May I say that I was impressed with the smart, neat and tidy campus. The new buildings and facilities are well beyond those of my time, and the well-maintained character of the main house, quadrangle and Assembly Hall, which are much as I remember them, still provide a proper sense of history and legacy.” He was aware of the values we still maintain; “… its sense of purpose with instilling good manners amongst the boys. I’m very glad to hear of it. Such basic decency and rigour are crucial for young men. More so today than ever. Looks like my old school is in good hands. I do remember the School with happiness and affection

Such sentiments are typical of the reflections by many of our old boys when they visit, and these add to our collective memories.  We have such a rich heritage to tap into.  We are hoping to generate a group from such individuals to take the lead on planning for our 100th anniversary, and crucially engaging with our Alumni and staff.  We continue to build on these sound foundations that underpin our values, and look forward to enable future generations to share in what is yet to come.

Mr Owens

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