25 March 2022

Yesterday as well as marking our 95th anniversary, coincided with a group of our Year 10 boys involved in the process of becoming our next group of leaders, as they were interviewed to become prefects.  The boys are required to fill in application forms and then face an interview panel comprising teaching staff, current prefects as well as trustees.  The process is rigorous and challenging. Those who are successful will then be involved in a training programme, enabling them to take on the roles when our current year 11 boys leave us in June.  From this body will then emerge our head boy, as well as his senior team.  This process is even more demanding, as befits the position. There are in depth interviews with our most senior teachers, hustings when the boys make speeches to staff and their peers, followed by a vote to elect the next recipient to take his place in the long line of prestigious names that have carried this honour.

For those of us who are privileged to witness our boys, who not so long ago arrived in Year 7, articulate their own vision about West Hill and what it means to them, provides a genuine moment of satisfaction as our values continue to shape our boys and their pride in the badge.

Mr Owens

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