8 April 2022

A fundamental element of what we do at West Hill is our extra curricula provision.  Although aspects were limited in line with the pandemic restrictions, we were quick to re-establish our offer as soon as we could alongside our expectation that every boy will participate in a range of extra curricula activities.  It is especially pleasing to share that linked to our clubs, there are some headline events that merit recognition.  Our summer concert has been booked for May 12th.  Our musicians have not been able to perform in front of a live audience for some time and this is an evening to look forward to.  There will be a lot of practice continuing as our boys and staff hone their performances ahead of the big night.  The contribution from our musicians is appreciated by all in school and adds a distinctive dimension to our offer.

One of our chess club attendees, Kyle Pelling in Y10 has been selected to represent England in the European Schools Chess Championship, as well as the World Youth Championship being held in Greece later this month.  We have a range of sports clubs, that help develop our boys, and later this month Matthew Goodwin in Y11, has been selected to represent England in the 4 Nations Under-18 basketball tournament to be held in Cardiff.  At a similar time,  competing over in Spain from Y9, Dominic Goodwin will be part of the England Under-14 Basketball squad.  Whilst towards the end of May, our Y9 footballers will be heading to West Bromwich Albion’s ground to compete in the final of the English Schools’ Cup Final for their age group.  These are exceptional achievements and reflect commitment and hard work from those involved.  Updates on these events can be followed hopefully via links from our twitter accounts.

By definition, not all our boys will end up achieving such elite national recognition for their efforts.  That said every boy will benefit from engaging with the array of different activities we offer.  We all share and applaud in the achievements of our boys, at whatever level and in whatever field.   It is a tribute to the dedicated staff we have here at school, that such opportunities exist.   We can look forward with anticipation as a new generation of boys build on the legacy of past successes and add these to our story.

Mr Owens

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