27 May 2022

The final half term break of this academic year, generates thoughts of season endings which link inevitably with new beginnings. As ever there are learning experiences in both.

 Last Wednesday there was a level of disappointment when our Y9 football team were defeated in the U14 National Cup final.  To reach the final was an achievement in itself and a culmination of a long season of training and matches.  The occasion was a memorable one for the boys who played, as well as their fellow student supporters who turned up to cheer the boys on, the staff and families. English Schools’ FA added many quality touches to make the experience that bit more special.  As it was on the day, the boys lost 3-1, they played some impressive football at times, but maybe struggled a bit with the altitude at The Hawthorns.  Nonetheless, they will keep memories that will last a very long time, but also have the chance to go again next season.

Yesterday I was privileged to be involved in interviews, that form part of the process that leads to the appointment of our head boy. This year’s applicants were an especially strong group. The boys submitted letters outlining their vision for the school, they were then interviewed by myself, Mrs Wood and their Head of Year Mr Evans.  Not all the boys will make it through to the next stage, and ultimately there will be only one successful candidate.  Again, to get to the stage they have is an achievement in itself, with the boys’ typically referencing their 4 years to date at West Hill, linked to the contribution they wish to make in their final year.

In both these experiences boys may feel disappointed and deflated.  We would not describe them as failing though.  To get to the stages they did required effort, commitment and being willing to put themselves forward.  They may not have achieved the goal they hoped for.  But the experience will make them stronger, and we learn more when things perhaps don’t go to plan then when they do.  The message is, we dust ourselves down and we go again.

Mr Owens

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