17 June 2022

This week has seen the appointment of our new Head Boy and Senior Prefect Team.  It follows a testing process.  This began earlier this term when Mrs Wood shared with the Y10 boys the history, as well as the roles and responsibilities of being a prefect at West Hill School. 

From the prefect body, boys could then decide to apply for the position of Head Boy.  This year’s applicants were an especially strong group. The boys submitted letters outlining their vision for the school, they were then interviewed by myself, Mrs Wood and their Head of Year Mr Evans.  The hustings followed for the 6 shortlisted boys. The boys made a speech in the assembly hall, to prefects and staff, outlining their case to be elected. Again, the standard was very high. The passion the boys have for school and wanting to make a difference impressed all.  The staff and the prefect body voted, and we now have a new Head Boy who will be supported by 2 Deputies.  In addition, boys were also able to apply to be part of the Senior Team, again this was a vote and we now have 5 more boys added to the team.  There is a real determination from this group to work collaboratively, reaching out to the whole school community in order to make a difference. #TogetherStronger

The role of Head Boy is a prestigious one; Hadley Warhurst will join the ranks of some illustrious names.  Our traditions are important to us. Prefects in general and the Head Boy in particular, are a major component of our values and ethos.  I have every confidence that Hadley will make a significant contribution in his time and his legacy will be a positive one.

Mr Owens

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