24 June 2022

This week our Y10 boys have been involved in Mock Examinations across all subjects.  It recreates the actual experience they will have when in Y11.  This period is partly intended to gauge their knowledge and understanding to date across their GCSE subjects, in addition allaying some of the anxieties that can sometimes accompany major assessments of this nature.  By exposing the boys to the routines involved and the expectations placed on them, they are well prepared for the actual examinations when they occur.

On completion of this assessment fortnight, they will then embark on a two week work experience programme. This has been a mainstay of our Y10 school calendar for many years.  It is seen as a key component in building the skills and attributes we want from our boys as they ultimately will make a transition to their next stage of learning. Our careers team in school, Mr Musiol and Mrs Appleby, help support our boys as they develop an awareness of workplace dimensions, linking with local employers, many of whom year on year will provide placements for West Hill boys. The feedback we receive invariably adds to the excellent reputation we have within our community regarding the way our boys represent our school, and embody the characteristics of the West Hill boy.

Mr Owens

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