8 July 2022

This week has been especially busy for boys as well as staff.  The differing activities were enthusiastically embraced by all, especially given the limitations placed on these over the last couple of years.

Tuesday was our sports day.  So many boys were involved as competitors, with staff fulfilling all manner of roles to bring about one of the most successful events in many a year.  School records were up for grabs and broken, as boys pushed on to achieve personal bests, building team scores as the inter form competition was as closely fought as ever.

Wednesday had a number of old boys visiting school.  There was occasion to reminisce as the boys shared old stories, whilst reviewing pictures and documents from our school archive.  There were plenty of laughs, and the occasional misty-eyed moment, as the reflections emphasised the depth of affection this school holds in so many hearts.

Yesterday we welcomed our class of 2027 for their transition day.  The boys who will be formally joining us into Y7 in September, had the opportunity to meet their form tutor and new classmates. In addition, there was chance for some familiarisation of the school layout as well as experiencing some sample lessons.   Last night the parents and carers met with the form tutors to receive additional information, and hopefully address any anxieties they have about the start of their West Hill journey.

Today we had our Activities day, which was organised by Mr Hill.  It was a complete break from our normal timetable and staff helped facilitate a range of different tasks.  There was an interform competition across each year group, built around 3 main activities; Sporting Prowess, Trivia and similar Quizzes as well as Carnival Skills.  Every boy was engaged from the outset and the commitment from them was a joy to witness.

An engaging week for all.

Mr Owens

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