15 July 2022

Today marks the end of the academic year.  At the start we were navigating testing regimes and similar challenges, to enable the year to begin in the most positive way for our boys as possible.  Whilst restrictions have mainly gone, that determination to do the best for our boys has continued on each and every day through this year.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our parents and carers, for continuing their support to help us along the way.  Our boys have played their role in living up to the high expectations we have of them, in embodying the characteristics of the West Hill boy.  The inspection we had in November identified this in our boys; … “They live by the principles of respect, responsibility and readiness to learn. Pupils told inspectors that these principles help to make the school a happy place where they feel safe to flourish.”

My main thanks must go to the staff.  The commitment they maintain to deliver on our vision, for each and every boy, should not be underestimated.  The high-quality teaching and learning in the classroom, as well as the extensive extra co-curricula offer, combine high standards of professionalism with a dedication to make a difference.  The wider pastoral support that ensures we maintain the safe, happy environment, so integral to our values, is similarly not achieved by chance.   Our support staff, often under the radar, underpin all the other functions of the school that maintain the platform to do what we do.  Everyone plays a key role in what we are about.   My admiration and appreciation remain of the highest order.  The collaboration and mutual support is first class, they look after each other as well as the boys.  They all deserve a break. I have urged them to take it and enjoy, as before too long we will go again.   

As I close the log book for the last time this school year, my final entry allows me to repeat the sentiments I expressed 12 months ago.  But also quote the inspection team who recognised what they called in their report “this tight knit community”.   This does not happen accidentally or by luck.  More the shared experiences, the values that bind us in a common purpose that stretch back over generations, that sense of being part of something that is there in good times, but more importantly in times of difficulty, our West Hill family. 

It is what we have, it is what we should cherish and contribute to in the future.  It matters.  We are West Hill.

Mr Owens

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