In addition to the 25 hours of learning pupils engage with as part of their timetabled lessons; we as a school emphasise the additional valued learning that continues beyond these hours.

The vast majority of boys will be engaged in extra curricula activities during the week (sometimes referred to as "Period 6") and at weekends. In addition to these there is an expectation that boys will be completing homework as directed by their subject teachers.

Homework is any work or activity which pupils are asked to do outside lesson time, either on their own, or with parents or carers.

The purpose of homework

  • To encourage pupils to develop the confidence and self-discipline to work on their own, an essential skill for adult life.
  • To consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding.
  • To extend school learning, for example through additional reading.
  • To enable pupils to devote time to particular demands such as GCSE examinations or project work.
  • To support the home/school relationship.

The school does not have a fixed homework timetable with time allocated for different subjects on different evenings. However there is an expectation that

  • At KS3 pupils will receive one half hour of homework for every two hours taught in a subject
  • At KS4 pupils will receive one hour of homework for each subject taught

These timings are the minimum expected time your son should spend on each homework. Please encourage him to invest the appropriate effort and energy in its completion.

This translates as pupils at KS3 receiving approximately four and half hours per week. Pupils at KS4 should expect a homework workload of between seven and eight hours per week.

Pupils will need to learn to manage their time so that they do some homework each evening. Pupils should record the details of any homework set by their class teacher, including the minimum time they should spend on the homework, in their planners. If homework is not completed, it will carry one behaviour point

In addition to the formal homework set by class teachers as appropriate, to help consolidate learning;

ALL pupils at KS3 are expected to access the additional homework areas in our core subject areas;