Ambitious and Achieving (A&A) has replaced what used to be Gifted and Talented. At West Hill we want to create an ethos where pupils set high standards and show a strong desire and determination to succeed and reach or attain these ambitions through effort.

As a result the top achieving 10-20% of pupils in each Year group, for each subject area, will be provided with additional extension and enrichment opportunities to help them achieve their ambitions. For example, Year 11 A&A pupils have the opportunity to visit Cambridge University, Year 10 pupils will visit Oxford University, whilst also being mentored by the Raising Aspirations Co-ordinator at Ashton Sixth Form.

All Key Stage 3 A&A pupils will have the opportunity to visit one of the Manchester Universities. The A&A pupils at West Hill are given the opportunity to voice their ideas and needs each year, the information is then fed back to Staff who in turn incorporate these needs where possible into their lessons.

Examples of A & A Visits

Reports on the Visit to Sidney Sussex College March 2016