Welcome to the curriculum page for Modern Foreign Languages.  The MFL department offers the study of German throughout year 7 to 11.The curriculum is delivered by teachers using the language immersion model wherever possible, which means that most lessons are focused on practical communication skills. Lessons are delivered in specialist rooms, supported by interactive whiteboards and a range of websites to which we subscribe.  We aim to offer foreign trips to all pupils throughout their time at West Hill. Past trips have included trips to Berlin and Cologne. We also run regular trips to local places of cultural interest, such as the Christmas Markets in Manchester and local German restaurants.  We hold celebrations in school to mark the European Day of Languages and we have regular outside speakers in lessons. We are partnered with the Max-Beckmann Oberschule in Berlin, at Christmas and Easter we exchange class culture boxes reflecting our different and similar traditions.

We believe that the study of any language is important and German in particular supports many of the career paths our boys choose to follow such as engineering, banking and finance and work in the chemical industry.

In 2017 we were successful in our application for the British Council International School Award, which was granted in recognition of the work we have been involved in with our partner school in Berlin.


Departmental staff

  • Mrs Kenworthy - Head of Department - Teacher of French and German
  • Mrs Horridge - Teacher of French and German
  • Miss Pearce - Teacher of French and German


Year 7

Lesson contact time is two hours per week.  
The topics followed are: 
  • Me
  • My family
  • Descriptions
  • Likes and dislikes.  
At the start of Year 7 priority is given to the Spoken Word, to enable the boys to focus on the skills of listening, speaking and most crucially, memorisation. 

Year 8

Lesson contact time is two hours per week.  
The topics followed are: 
  • Food and drink
  • Free time
  • Home life and school. 

Year 9

Lesson contact time is two hours per week.  
The topics followed are: 
  • Local area
  • The environment
  • Healthy living
  • Future careers. 
Work is developed to enable the boys to understand and create GCSE Foundation style reading and listening questions and answers.

Year 10

Lesson contact time is three hours per week.  
The topics followed are: 
  • Self
  • Family and interests
  • Relationships with family members
  • Work experience
  • Part time jobs
  • Future career.

Year 11

Lesson contact time is three hours per week.  
The topics followed are: 
  • Social issues
  • Environmental problems and solutions
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Key issues of social media. 


To support your son’s learning and engagement in this subject he needs to have a German dictionary. It will also help him if he has access to headphones and a voice recording device. 


To support your son there are resources are available on the school’s VLE, vle.westhillschool.co.uk.  We also make use of many websites, for which an extensive list with passwords will be issued to your son.  


In year 10 pupils follow the AQA GCSE course.  This course is assessed by examinations only at the end of Year 11.  The exam is based on three written papers and a speaking test.   Further details are available from the examination board here: http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/languages.

Additional Languages.

Boys with an ability to speak a language other than those offered should speak with the Head of Languages to assess if it is possible to take GCSE in that language. 


Study Trips

Berlin - October 2018

Cologne - November 2017

Cologne - July 2016

Berlin - November 2016

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