11 July 2019

Due to circumstances out of our control, our annual Sports Day this year has been changed to Thursday 11th July.


The events will commence at 10.15am on the front and back field. There will be refreshments served during the day. I anticipate the presentations to begin around 1pm and the day to conclude around 1.30pm. Boys will be able to get lunch in the canteen at this time or will be dismissed by their Form tutor and free to go home.


As always, I cordially invite all parents to attend our Sports Day.


With a talented collection of athletes in all years, it promises to be an entertaining day. If the forecast is for a hot and sunny day, we would advise the use of suitable hats, sun cream and plenty of water.


We recognise that photos and videos will be taken by parents for personal use during sports day and school performances. In respect of data protection, these images are not covered by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). However, we insist parents do not share or publish images or videos on social media or elsewhere online, for safeguarding reasons.


If the event has to be postponed due to inclement weather; Thursday 18th July has been identified as a reserve date and under these circumstances, we will operate a normal timetable on the 11th July.