23 January 2020, 7.00pm – 8.00pm

The focus of the evening will be very much about asking you and your son to consider, in more depth, the various pathways that the school has to offer him as he progresses into Year 10 and beyond West Hill School. For most pupils in the school, full-time education (whether at college, an apprenticeship or in employment based training) is a process that lasts until your son is aged 18 or older. It is important, therefore, that he understands the consequences of choices in Year 9 and, just as importantly, how to build his personal KS4 timetable around the various subjects and qualifications that we have to offer him.

The evening will explore these various 14-19 educational pathways rather than consider detailed subject information. It will involve a general presentation about the broad issues, as well as the KS4 West Hill experience. During the evening you will also have the opportunity to speak to staff from school to help inform the decisions that will be made over the next few weeks and months.

Your son’s pathway guidance programme has already commenced with information issued via form time as well as advice being given in his IDP lessons.

More detailed subject information and on-going guidance will be provided for your son in several ways:

  • a ‘KS4 Pathways’ book which he will receive before the evening
  • subject presentations by Heads of Departments, in school time
  • interviews with school staff
  • guidance from National Publications and websites as well as links from the school website

All of the above will, we hope, help you and your son make the best informed choice about his progress into KS4, and on to further education or training.

Boys attending the evening are to wear full school uniform.

Tags: Year 9 Pathways