6 February 2020, 8.45am – 3.15pm

Pupils in Year 9 will be visiting Home cinema on Thursday 6th February 2020 as part of their preparation for GCSE German. They will watch a German film and complete a workshop about what they have seen. This is an extremely popular event and we have been able to secure a limited number of tickets.


The pupils will be accompanied by two members of staff and will be taken to and from the cinema in the school mini bus.  Your child will need a packed lunch. Your child should arrive at school at the normal time in the morning, and the coach will return in time for pupils to leave school at 3.15 pm. as usual.


In order to pay for the cost of the entrance fee, parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution of £8.00. Please note the deadline for payment is Thursday 23rd January 2020 . No child will be prevented from taking part in the visit if their parents are unable to make a voluntary contribution, but it may not be possible for the visit to go ahead if insufficient voluntary contributions are made. Normal school journey insurance has been taken out for the visit.


Please note that only pupils with a good record of attendance and behaviour, and who are up to date with school work will be able to participate in the trip. The school reserves the right to withdraw any member of the trip at any time up to the point of departure, if prevailing circumstances demand that this would be the sensible course of action.

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