7 March 2016

Report by Jakub Janusz

On Monday the 7th of March, twelve West Hill pupils travelled to Reddish Vale High School to compete against four schools.  The 12 pupils were as follows; Mark Hatton (8S), Ryan Gregson (8S), Jaiden Parmar (9H), Matthew Lee (7S), Alex Downing (7W) and James Barlow (7E) made up Team A.  Team B included Luke Hatton (7W), Jakub Janusz (7S), Oliver Gaskell (7I), William Frankish (7W), Lucas Heath (7I) and Alex Tuplin (7I).  Team B successfully won two out of two debates, whereas Team A won one out of two.  We competed against Reddish Vale High School, Wright Robinson College, Burnage Academy for Boys and Hollingworth Academy.  For successfully winning our debates we and our fellow tutor Steve performed an action known as the ‘Justin’.  A great evening…



Tags: Literacy DebateMate