27 May 2016

Recently I went to residential trip called cranedale it was amazing. The experience was absolutely brilliant. I left for the centre after period 4 we sat on coach for about 2 hours when we finally reached there we were directed to our dorms. They were very warm and cosy some people had 2 floored dorms. You were also given free time after activities. The food was also very nice it was a lovely 3 course meal that tasted like heaven. We did adventurous activities strolling around thick mud and even sightseeing the beautiful Flambrough head beach. We also got to find crabs and fishes along the dark green seaweed! We also got to step in rivers and measure it along with trekking past the thick gooey mud!

Over all I would recommend this trip it is fun adventures and completely safe!


Tags: Geography Cranedale Year 7