13 July 2016

A group of 40 Year 7 pupils took part in a team-building challenge. The pupils were asked to bid for a contract to build a bridge across the school hall that would be capable of supporting a remote control car.  They were asked to work together effectively to design, make and cost the bridge using a variety of materials.   All teams were successful in designing and building a bridge with some very interesting designs as you can see in the photographs.  The pupils demonstrated a range of entrepreneurial, problem-solving and design skills throughout the activity. 



The winning team put together this report:


“We worked together in a team of four on this challenge.  The different form groups competed against each other and we enjoyed this rivalry.


The bridge building was really good for friendship skills and team-work; it really brought our confidence up!   The exercise improved our listening skills as we listened to each other’s opinions.  We expressed our ideas in a practical way which is different to working in a conventional classroom.  We enjoyed the building part of the activity and thought it was a fun and educational experience.  We called our bridge ‘The Stringed Bridge’ and made it from wooden rods, string, cardboard and elastic bands.

It was great to win and we think this was because we had a simple design, a low cost and an effective bridge.


We would like to do something like this more often as it was a challenge that we liked!”


The winning team – 7H

Tags: Aim Higher Year 7