6 February 2017

On Tuesday 31st January, the School Council met again for the second time this academic year. There was a good attendance from students and it was interesting to see the ideas that form groups had brought forward. Before the ideas were discussed, Mr Butterworth from the Senior Leadership Team gave a presentation about the school’s bike facilities: a concern that was raised at the previous meeting. A representative on behalf of Mr Hind also gave a presentation on next year’s potential school charity.

The following are some of the topics that were discussed at the meeting:

  • Alternatives to ID cards – such as biometric scanners on doors.
  • A variety of suggestions about changes to prefect routines.
  • Equipment and resources available during lessons.
  • Possible solutions around the issue of litter.

We hope to be able to pass these ideas from the student body to staff and be able to document the feedback in the upcoming minutes. We look forward to hearing more ideas next half-term.

Report by Sam Hirst

Tags: School Council