10 July 2017

On Friday 30th June, the School met once more for the last time this academic year. There was full attendance from all Year Councillors and all of them had brought along interesting ideas to discuss. Mr Owens, Mrs Wood and Mr Butterworth attended on behalf of the Senior Leadership Team in order to give us an insight from a leader’s point of view. As per usual, we the School Council was able to discuss a wide variety of great ideas, including:

  •          A greater variety of sports in KS3 PE lessons.
  •          More after-school clubs, and more awareness for existing ones.
  •          Surveys to allow people to vote on ideas sent to the School Council in a more effective way.
  •          Reminders and differences about online homework tasks.
  •          Providing footballs at break and lunch times.

Thank you for supporting the School Council over this year. We hope to continue our work in September.

By Sam Hirst

Tags: School Council