15 March 2019

Last Thursday was Pi Day, an annual event to celebrate all things mathematical. It is held every year on March 14th, as the date that day is 3.14 (to borrow the Americanised format) which are the first three digits of Pi. At West Hill, we held a number of events throughout the week, leading up to the big day.

Each day, Mr Lawton hosted assemblies with all year groups explaining what Pi is and where maths is used in real life. There were also activities every day at break time, where pupils needed to use the first seven digits of Pi (3.141592…) to make a calculation which gave an answer between 1 and 100. The most imaginative each day won themselves a pen, with “Maths Puzzle Winner” printed on them.

On Pi Day itself, there was a competition to recite as may digits of Pi as possible. There were 6 competitors, with J Gaskell coming second by managing to remember 102 digits. However the winner was S Tilbrook, who recited an astonishing 109 digits of Pi correctly. He won himself a mathematical clock for his efforts.


Pictured are all the boys who entered the Pi recital competition, with the winner holding his prize.

Tags: Maths