11 July 2019

Austin Brough and Sikandar Khalid (both Year 7) have devised a brilliant poem on West Hill in the style of Tony Walsh’s ‘This is the Place.’



West Hill is the place in a small place called Tameside

Its ace, it’s the best and the lessons that we’re taught

 From the classrooms, in our assemblies, we set the whole cohort shaking

Our teachers are legends! There’s nowt we can’t learn and

So we make brilliant poems and brilliant maps

Our experiments in science make the class leap from their seats

And we make things in art and we make things in tech

We make classmates laugh, take the mick summat rotten

Because we’re boys and its break time if you’ve forgotten

And we feel right at home and we make new pupils feel welcome

And we make our grades happen, can’t seem to help it

And if you’re looking for success then yes, we’ve a wealth

As the West Hill way is to AIM HIGH yourself!

And make us an apple crumble, a tasty one

And a hot chocolate while you’re at it, go on son

And make us proud that you’re representing the school.

Make us work hard in class, don’t look like a fool

And this is the place that has changed many lives

And this is the place that a young lad named Rob Holding from the streets of Stalybridge

Turned into an amazing footy player.

And this place has a bundle of science,

We’re on it atomic thirsty for knowledge.

Against a challenge we always stand tall, no matter the circumstance, because we know we 

Stand a chance.

We have everything, such as English and Maths and Tech plus Music with Art, PE and also


And we’re sorry keep with us! We have everything but we hope you join us?


Tags: Year 7 English