24 March 2020

By now I assume you have all got your home learning desks set up and are in the process of establishing a new routine. I just wanted to clarify the format and expectations of the Science work that you have been set. This is new for everyone and we will continue to help you as best as we can from our home offices!


We realise that you have probably had a lot of work sent your way over the last few days from all departments. It is easy to feel overwhelmed. Don't feel the need to complete everything immediately. Work is there for the next couple of weeks and we will add to this when necessary.

Stick to normal lesson times-

  • Year 7,8 and 9 should stick to 3 hours of Science per week.
  • Year 10 should stick to 6 hours per week in total split evenly across Biology, Chemistry and Physics (2 hours per week of each).


The following information outlines the ways you can access work.


The primary point of contact is via school email. You can access this from the homepage of the school website. Ideally add a bookmark and save login details. Use your normal school network username and password. The username should be preceded by "westhillschool\" (e.g. westhillschool\99AUser).

Check this daily and also use email to contact teachers if you are unsure of anything.


All work for all year groups has been posted in the relevant VLE section. Links to those sections are below. Again, maybe bookmark the relevant page. You will need to login to the VLE again using your normal school network username and password.


Our primary online platform is kerboodle.com

Links in the VLE will take you to the relevant lesson and resources. Some assessment style interactive activities have also been assigned which you can access when you login.

To login use your kerboodle details.

Usernames have the format of first initial followed by surname. There maybe some which have a number after it. Boys have been told these but if they didn't write them down, please email your class teacher for confirmation, they have also been emailed instructions about their passwords..

Digital copies of the textbooks may help support the learning. As will other resources such as revision guides.


We have also added some tasks and lessons on doddle. This is a back up to be used if kerboodle suffers from server issues due to high demand.

Doddle login details have been given and boys should be aware of them.

Username format: first name surname year started e.g. JohnSmith17

Passwords have been set by the boys. If you are struggling to login, please email your teacher.

There is an app available on IOS and android.


There are other resources for years 9 and 10 in the PiXL section of the VLE. These can be used if there are issues accessing kerboodle/doddle.


We will also post regularly on twitter. This may be an update or an interesting bit of Science from the news. Feel free to check these out if you have twitter. You can access the feed on the school homepage. @westhillscience

Revision guides

Boys who have purchased revision guides can use these to support learning. Alternatively, digital textbooks can be accessed in kerboodle.

Keeping work

Work should ideally be completed in exercise books if you have them. If not, you can work on paper or type answers. Please ensure you keep all work safe until we return to school.


Books are a great way to keep our minds fresh and active. Keep reading during your time at home.


Above all else, stay safe during this difficult time, keep both bodies and minds active.


Best regards,

The Science department


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