28 August 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

The new term is almost upon us and we look forward to welcoming your son back to West Hill in the coming days. You will be aware of the news in regards a full return to school against the backdrop of Covid and the implications for settings such as schools.

We, as a school, have put in place a range of measures to reduce the risks of transmission, whilst maintaining the quality of education and support your son deserves.

These responses are summarised below, but are outlined in more detail in our FAQs on our website and will continue to be updated to reflect the most current information


To reduce risks and prepare the boys for a successful restart, we will have staggered starts to the new academic year;

  • Y7 will start on September 2nd
  • Y10 and Y11 will start on September 3rd
  • Y8 and Y9 will start on September 4th

All boys to arrive no earlier than 8.20 and will be directed to their form area for an 8.40 registration.

We would like to remind you that the boys will need to play a key role in supporting our measures and we would ask that you emphasise this to your son.

Some key points are;

  • Boys should walk or cycle to school where possible  
  • All boys will need to carry a personal hand sanitizer.
  • All boys will need to have a face covering, to be worn as required off site, and as directed on site.
  • Boys will need to keep to their year group bubbles and avoid mixing with others
  • Movement around school will be restricted with directional signs, and each year group will have a dedicated zone on the yard to maintain a year group bubble.
  • We cannot provide our usual canteen facilities, there will be no breakfast or break time provision. Lunch will be eaten in form rooms.  For those boys not bringing their own packed lunch, a facility to preorder lunches will be available.
  • The normal timetable will be followed in terms of lessons taught.
  • We will stagger departures from the school site from 14.40.
  • Parents and Carers must not enter the school site without an appointment.

As you can appreciate this situation provides a challenge, and will continue to do so. We are responding to announcements from the government, meaning our arrangements are having to be updated, often at short notice.  We are devoting additional time in these first few days to ensure all boys are fully conversant with the arrangements, as they apply to them on site.  Our community is built around support and we need cooperation across all those involved to ensure we can make this work.

Yours faithfully

Mr A Owens


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