7 September 2020

How were GCSE grades awarded?

Your subject teachers entered grades for each pupil.  These were based on the full range of assessments and evidence available to them.  The grades across each subject were thoroughly analysed and reviewed.  The grades and rank order for each subject were then submitted to the appropriate exam board. The grades that you are receiving are the centre assessed grade or, where it was higher, the exam board calculated grade.


I think there might have been a mistake when my school or college submitted my centre assessment grade.

 You can ask your school whether it made an administrative error when submitting your centre assessment grade or rank order information. Administrative errors might include, for example, mixing up 2 students with similar names, or accidentally copying across the wrong data, but do not relate to the professional judgements of centres in giving centre assessment grades. If your school thinks it made a mistake, it can submit an appeal to the exam board, but it must be supported by clear evidence that an error had been made.  The deadline for these appeals is 17th September.


I don’t agree with the centre assessment grade that I was given by my teachers.

Your school submitted the grades it believes you were most likely to achieve if exams had gone ahead.  The Ofqual ‘Student guide to 2020 results’ states:

 “Any appeal would have to be decided by someone better placed than your teachers to judge your likely grade if exams had taken place. Because exams were cancelled, we don’t think there is such a person. This means you can’t appeal your grade just because you don’t agree with the centre assessment grade submitted by your school or college. Your school or college can’t appeal against the centre assessment grades that they decided were correct when they submitted it to the exam board.”

If you have concerns about bias, discrimination or something else that suggests that your school or college did not behave with care or integrity when determining your centre assessment grade, see:  https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/910603/6672__What_to_do_if_you_have_concerns_or_questions_about_your_grades.pdf


What about re-sits?

If you’d like an opportunity to improve your grade, you can choose to sit exams in the autumn, or in summer 2021, instead.  The deadline for these are 18 September 2020 for all GCSE’s other than English and Maths.  The deadline for GCSEs in English language and Maths is 4th October 2020. Please e-mail admin@westhillschool.co.uk as soon as possible if you would like to consider entry for these examination series.  Parents who have already contacted school will be sent this information.

Where can I get independent advice?

For general careers research, visit https://gmacs.co.uk/  You may also wish to contact the Tameside careers helpline on: 0800 4840 407 or 0161 621 9292.  You could email tamesidecareers@positive-steps.org.uk .


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