11 July 2020

Hegarty Maths

Great article by Joshua Tindall on the new Maths resource

6 July 2020

Year 6 Challenge -Week Eight

Scavenger Hunt. Find objects in and outside your home that spell out the words: WEST HILL

29 June 2020

Year 6 Challenge -Art

Using only things that can be found in your home, be creative and turn everyday objects into art work.

22 June 2020

Year 6 Challenge - Week Six

Create an Acrostic Poem about starting at West Hill School,. Remember it doesn't have to rhyme.

22 June 2020

West Hill Uniform

17 June 2020

Year 6 - Message from Head of Year Mrs Whiting

Message from Mrs Whiting, Head of Year

15 June 2020

Year 6 Challenge - Week 5 - School Website

This week's challenge is all about navigating the School Website.

8 June 2020

Year 6 Challenge - Week 4 - The Alphabet Challenge

Can you come up with the name of a Famous Person, a City, a Food and a part of the Human Body for each letter of the alphabet?

1 June 2020

Year 6 Transition Challenge - Week Three

In what way might the world be a better place post Covid19? Deadline Date; Saturday 6th June 2020