All pupils are set up on the following systems for Home Learning:








Remote Access




eMail, VLE and Remote Access all use the same password

For a pupil their Usernames are made up as follows:

99 The last 2 digits of the year they entered Year 7 (e.g. 2017 - 17)
f The first letter of their first name
fffff Their first name
sssss Their surname


Unless a password reset has been requested, passwords will be the same as they last were in school!

Login problems 

If you are struggling to log into Remote Access, please confirm that you are entering your username in the format: westhillschool\20jsmith, if, for example, your name is John Smith and you started Year 7 in 2020.

You must type westhillschool followed by a backslash (next to Z on most keyboards) before your username.

To log into the VLE, you should not include westhillschool, so your username would, for example, be: 20jsmith.

If you still cannot log in after checking your usernames are correct, you should then email ICT Support,, to request a password reset.  You do not have to email from a school address to do this.

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14 September 2020

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