In order to maximise the safety of the children, it is important that all Parents/Carers follow the procedures for reporting child absence from the school.

  • Parents/Carers should contact the school before 08:45 to report the reason for a student’s absence. 
  • Keep following this pattern on each subsequent day of absence until the student returns to school, unless otherwise agreed with the school.
  • On returning to school, parents/carers must confirm the reason for the illness/absence by way of a written letter or note in the student’s planner. This should be shown to the Form Tutor or Attendance Officer. Without this the absence will not be authorised, unless otherwise agreed with the school.

Ways to contact school to report an illness/absence:

Procedure for reporting Medical/Dental Appointments:

  • Make contact even if you child is coming later e.g. after a doctor or dentist appointment, if they are not going to be in school by 8:45 am.
  • Parents/Carers are advised where possible to make medical and dental appointments outside of the school day. Where this is not possible, pupils should attend school for part of the day.
  • A few days prior to the appointment, please inform the school either by: appointment card, letter or note in the child’s planner or ring 0161 338 2193 to state the date/time and the approximate duration of the appointment.

If a pupil is recorded absent, with no reason, at his morning registration a notification will be sent to the Parent/Carer through the ‘Schoolcomms/Gateway’ messaging service. This service notifies you that your son is not in school and requests a response to determine the reason why.

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