As we are all aware, when the snow comes it creates havoc with transport communications and under such circumstances it is often very difficult for the staff who live several miles away, to get in to school for the start of the day.  On the other hand, because the vast majority of our pupils live locally, most of them manage to arrive on time.  Clearly, this means that we could have almost a full complement of pupils and only part of the staff. 

In the event of extreme weather, we operate a “Snow Plan” which ensures that all the pupils are looked after and are safe.

In recent years, there have been a few occasions when the school has had to close as a result of extreme weather conditions.  If this scenario occurs again this winter, we need to know that all parents are aware of the actions which will be taken. 

As soon as a decision to close school is taken, information will be posted on the school website  and a message will be sent to parents via the School Gateway app or as a text message to those without.  Updates will also posted in the school's Twitter feed.  

If the decision to close the school is taken after the start of the school day, it is very difficult to contact upwards of 800 sets of parents to seek permission to send their sons home.  If we can agree upon the action to be taken before such a situation occurs then everyone is likely to be fully aware and confident about what will happen and where their children will be.

Our suggestions are these:

  • Please inform your son where he must go if he is sent home from school.  This could be home or to a relatives or friends.  In addition please emphasise to your son the need to act sensibly and not endanger others.
  • If you wish your son to remain in school until someone can pick him up then we will look after him for as long as it takes.
  • If we have to close the school we will make sure that every child is given a letter explaining the circumstances.
  • You will receive a message to your mobile phone via the School Gateway app or a text message if you do not have the app.  
  • Announcements will be posted on the school website and the school’s Twitter feed. (Please ensure school is aware of any changes to contact numbers, this can be done via the School Gateway app).
  • Although school maybe closed Remote Access and the VLE are always available.

Throughout any period of extreme weather, please visit the school website on a regular basis for up-to-date information, or download the School Gateway App which will keep you informed of all announcements.