The school day consists of five, one-hour lessons. There is a morning break at 11.05am of 20 minutes and lunch is taken for a thirty minute period, between 12.25pm and 1.55pm. Lunch is timetabled into two sessions with Year 7 pupils always being on the first session at 12.25pm. Other pupils are assigned to one of the lunch breaks according to the timetable. Please note that the school premises open at 8.15am. We cannot be held responsible for pupils on site before that time.

Form Period/Assembly  8.45am - 9.05am 
 Period 1  9.05am - 10.05am
 Period 2  10.05am - 11.05am
 Break  11.05am - 11.25am
 Period 3  11.25am - 12.25pm
 Period 4  12.25pm - 1.55pm (including lunch*)
 Period 5  1.55pm - 2.55pm (includes final registration)
 After School Activities  3.15pm

*Lunch Rota

First Lunch 12.25pm - 12.55pm
Second Lunch 1.25pm -1.55pm

Themed Assembly

Themed assemblies take place each week. These are designed to raise pupils SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) experiences and are often delivered by the boys and their teachers. See Upcoming Events for each week's Assembly Theme.


The school day officially finishes at 2.55pm. We request that appointments to see any member of staff at the end of the school day should not be made until after 3.15pm.


The school recption is open during term time as follows:

Monday to Thursday 8:15am - 3:55pm
Friday 8:15am - 3:40pm

Outside these hours the school number diverts to voicemail.

Reception is NOT open during school holidays