The School Council is a group of boys who are elected to represent the views of all pupils. It is through the School Council that pupils can have their voice heard, and this is how the Headteacher and governors learn what improvements pupils want to see at West Hill. It is made up of form councillors, year councillors, the secretary, the head of the School Council and other school council coordinators. Individual ideas are first discussed in form time. Then form councillors pass on your views to the year councillors, who then represent pupils at the School Council.

The structure of this year's School Council is below:

Head of School Council Ben Goode
Deputy Head of the School Council Nathan Cottrell 
Year Councillors
Year 7:

Joseph Unwin, Jacob Bevan and Sikander Khalid

Year 8:  Finlay Rea and Mohammed Elkheder
Year 9:

 Kartik Joshi and Sam Tillbrook

Year 10:

 Rory Tyler and Lewis Crossley

Year 11: Ramim Rahman and Ryan Parnell 



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